Chris Oyakhilome: Daddy Freeze is angry with Nathaniel Bassey for bringing Jesus into pastor’s failed marriage

Freeze is angry with Nathaniel Bassey over Pastor Oyakhilome

The controversial personality continues to criticize the gospel artist in a new video.

Daddy Freeze says he is angry with Nathaniel Bassey for bringing Jesus into Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s failed marriage.

The Cool FM OAP and convenor of the Free the Sheeple Movement made this statement in a recent Youtube video, uploaded on October 8, 2018.

In the clip, seen above, he shares his thoughts on the gospel artist’s comment on the Christ Embassy founder’s marriage which was was annulled on February 8, 2016.


According to Freeze, the artist should not be praying for the marriage to be restored since he does not know the details.

In his words, “What are you praying for that marriage to work for? For people to go back? Who told you they are not better off the way they are? Did they tell you… ‘we want to go back together please pray for us?’ What if its Pastor Anita or Mrs. Oyakhilome that doesn’t want to go back to the marriage? What if she is happier the way she is?”

The controversial personality then refers to Bassey’s statement, reading it for his viewers. “Take some time believing for the restoration of that home in Jesus name,” he read.  Freeze notes that this is the part he hated the most warning people to leave Jesus out of things.


Watch the rest of the video titled; ‘Nathaniel Bassey’s Comment On Oyakhilome’s Marriage Earned Him A Free Lecture From Daddy Freeze,’ above.

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Between Nathenial Bassey and Daddy Freeze

The gospel artist is yet to respond to the religious critic’s statements.

On the day of the wedding between Pastor Oyakhilome’s daughter and her spouse, he simply posted a picture of the couple along with a congratulatory message.

He wrote, “We rejoice with them that rejoice. Congratulations to the Frimpongs & the Oyakhilomes. May your Love and union grow stronger and stronger in Jesus’ name.”


Later that day, Bassey issued a statement to Christians from other churches reminding everyone that Satan is the real enemy.

His caption read: “Dear Believer from other denominations, You are a co-laborer and not a Rival. I refuse to see you as such. We are called into the same vineyard, even though we may be ploughing different plots. We have a common adversary. Satan the devil. You are not my enemy or competition. And As long as you are washed in Jesus’ blood, and have His Spirit, you are My Family. And like every other kind of Family. We may not always agree on everything (doctrines etc). But as long as we agree and meet at the point of the cores and foundations of our FAITH, we never cease to be Family.”


Bassey encouraged everyone to have this mentality as it would benefit the Kingdom.

“When you hurt, I hurt. And When you Rise, I Rise. My downfall is not your rising. So also is my rising, not your downfall. The Zero-Sum game does not exist in our Kingdom. When you win, I win. May this mind (way of thinking) be established in all our hearts in Jesus’ name. “11 And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.” John 17:11,” he concluded.

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