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The battle for Premier League glory

After few weeks of mesmerizing football, we finally see the top of the table begin to take form…

The Barclays premier league is indubitably the most competitive league in Europe.

While this fact has been challenged a couple of times, with the major backing being the recent landslide success of the Spanish league in European competitions, the intensity and pulsating sensations experienced every match day in England cannot be compared to Spain or any other league in Europe. From the captivating comebacks, to the last minutes equalizers, each moment makes your heart beat rapidly till the final seconds of the game.

Another spice that flavours the premier league and makes it distinct from other leagues is its unpredictability. Spain has recently been a three horses race, with the Catalan side being more victorious than the opposite sides of Madrid while Serie A  and Bundelisga has been an unchallenged dominance but exactly opposite is the premier league. As a matter of fact, in the recent years, No Premier league champion has successfully defended their crown, isn’t that enthralling?

After few weeks of mesmerizing football, we finally see the top of the table begin to take form, with Manchester City leading the rank thanks to its rain of goals while Chelsea and Liverpool following closely with the same number of points but lesser goal differences and Arsenal completing the top four but the question everyone ask is who would finish in the top four?

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In the recent years, the clichéd “Top four” has become top six or top seven as each club has taken each rounds of being absent from the European’s grand competition, the champions league making the league itself more interesting and challenging so would the current top-four finish in the “Top-four” position?

Manchester City:

Guardiola hasn’t come to England to joke; He proved that in two seasons, winning the league flawlessly and smashing all existing protocols during the process. While the start to the season might not have been sparkling, six wins out of eight games, with more than twenty goals isn’t a bad start for a team whose major playmaker is injured.


The Silvas have been sterling and Sterling has been more effective with football saviour like Jesus and clinical striker like Sergio Aguero. Their defence has been quite solid and for a coach who would rather play ten attackers, any midfield combinations seems just perfect for his style, thus while it is too early to decide any champion elect, the top-four finish should be a realistic attainment for the sparkling side of Manchester.


The Sari-ballers, the exhibits of a seamless scintillating style of football; Chelsea has transited swiftly from a pragmatic team to a passionate goal scoring team. Sarri’s method of unlocking Hazard’s scoring prowess has proved pivotal and Morata’s sudden resurrection might be a blessing worth celebrating.


While as Sarri said, they are still a work in progress, as they are still adapting to a new style, a top-four finish should be an attainable target.


Call them the “ghen-ghen pressers” or any other name you dim fit, The energetic Klopp has injected his vibes into this Liverpool team. While the three musketeers (Salah,Mane and Firminho) hasn’t been as clinical as last season, they have shown strength of character when necessary and to be honest , twenty points out of twenty four isn’t so bad especially when you consider the fact that the four points were dropped against Chelsea and Manchester City.


Sturridge resurrection might also come handy for the reds as his flashes of brilliance has come handy for Liverpool this season and who knows, maybe his stunners and last-minute goals might just be what would sustain Liverpool at the upper cadre of the log.

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Nine straight wins, 17 goals scored, and the sun seems to be shining on the other side of London. We didn’t expect Emery to be a sudden success, what we expected was a glimpse of revival, dynamism and an undying hunger for winning and that’s what Arsenal is doing right now. With a variety of attacking options, Emery has instilled confidence in the likes of Iwobi and Mhikitarian and Lacazette just happens to be at an intriguing form right now, not forgetting the amazing Aubemeyang. 


With Tottenham faltering thanks to injury plight and Manchester United still clearing the rubbles, Arsenal might be a strong contender for the first time in three seasons.

The battle(for Glory) has begone and every point matters from now on, while it is too early to predict the final top-four, those sitting in the position currently have shown potentials of holding on to the position till the end of the season.

Written by Faith Emmanuel.

Emmanuel Faith is a writer and poet who resides in Lagos. He can be found reading a new book or watching football analysis when he isn’t writing a poem. He can be found on twitter and Instagram with the handle @themmanuelfaith

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