Pulse Blogger: About the effects and consequences of bullying [ Part ii ]

Rise Against Bullying

The month of October marks the World Bullying Prevention month in various Countries all over the world.

In the year 2006, PACERS National Bullying prevention center, made this month a National bullying prevention month in other to create awareness of its prevalence.

Since then many organizations and schools have joined in with this vision.


Kayode’s father pulled him out of school after the third year and sent him abroad. He went under the radar, very few people heard of or from him after that. The truth was that Kayode had to see different Psychologists and some psychiatrists at a time. He had been emotionally and socially battered by this singular bullying incidence.

Fortunately for him he was in a country where mental health is prioritized.  Kayode came back into Nigeria with a Masters’ in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from a prestigious “Russell Group” university in the United Kingdom. He came back into the Country to head this oil company that had become the Government’s most resent favorite.

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Tunde went to a prestigious university in the country as well. And as fate would have it, studied mechanical engineering but was unable to get good employment. To make ends meet in the family he took up an employment as a bank bullion van driver. The pay was good and he was comfortable. He never gave up on job hunting, though, no matter how good the pay was he was conscious of the difference between being called a driver and an engineer.

Therefore afterwork, he will sit by the newspaper stand close to his house browsing for a job opportunity. One of those days, he saw an advert in the newspapers for “InterPet Oil” for mechanical engineers. He went for the entrance examination and he passed it. He was invited for series of tests and he scaled every one of them.

The final test would be an aptitude test and a one-on-one interview with the MD. There were just three applicants left after months of tests and interviews and he was one of them. it was not convenient for Tunde, but he had a good feeling about this. he was even more confident whenever the results of his success came in. He was confident enough to even resign from the very frustrating and “risky” job of being a Bank bullion van driver. Isn’t it amazing how when we find better opportunities then the one we are in, that was convenient becomes very terrible?


I am an ardent believer in the law of sowing and reaping. I have lived long enough to see the good and bad side of this law. Buddhism refers to this consequence as karma. If karma really exists. then it must be a bitch.

Tunde was at the MD’s waiting room. He had mixed feelings as he waited to be called in. Anyone who knew Tunde would be shocked at the vibes coming from this “Bull-man”. He never felt so little in his life. Tunde was terrified. What if the MD didn’t like him?

What if he was not selected? Will his bullion van job still be available? How will he feed his family? How could he have been so foolish? Why did he resign from a job and hang his hopes “in the clouds”? He was sweating in his suit in a very cold airconditioned office.

Finally, the secretary called him in. The MD’s office was the largest he had ever seen. The furniture was exquisite, even if he didn’t have good things, he was well able to identify them.

“Sit”, the MD said, curtly. Tunde didn’t remember how to sit. There was a dark look in the eyes of this MD that scared him, but he simply assumed that he was just being superstitious.

He sat down fidgeting. The man looked at him through his glasses. “do you remember me?” he asked. Tunde was shocked! remember sha ! where could they have met or their paths have crossed ? Except maybe in the bank? He doubted it. Their type doesn’t come to the bank, they send people. “Not at all, sir” he nervously replied.

MD stared at him long and hard, and finally spoke. “I am the boy that slept under your bed for three years in secondary school”. Tunde froze. He wasn’t sure how to react. He stood up and kind of prostrated. “Ah sir, I remember you, sir “. That was when the name he saw on the table rang that bell .. K. Anifowose! And Kayode remembered him too! He became uncomfortable, sweaty palm, brows and everywhere else.

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“Mr kosoko , my school father,  abi senior Tunde the “Man-Bull” what shall we call you?” Kayode asked, with a slight but distinct mockery in his tone. “anything you want sir” was the sheepish reply he got from the hyperventilating Tunde.

Kayode went on to tell him how impressed he was with him and the excellent scores that he obtained in all the tests only prove one thing; He is just right for the job. Tunde clasped his hands together and let out a shout, before he quickly composed himself, apologizing profusely.

“It’s alright” replied Kayode, with wry smile at the right corner of his lips. This job will earn you about 1.5 million naira a month when all taxes and other levies are taken out. There is a fully furnished 4-bedroom duplex at Lekki and an opportunity to travel outside the country all-expense paid, along with vacation funds packages for you and your wife and four children.

Tunde was happy. Thank God Veronica was carrying the fourth pregnancy, they will need to stop there.

“But I will not be giving you this job”. Tunde heard these words, in “slow-mo”, come out of Kayode’s mouth but his brain was finding it difficult to decipher. All of a sudden, his chest hurt. He laid flat on the floor.

“Tunde or whatever your name is, you almost ruined my life. If not for the help that I received abroad. I still have nightmares, you know, I cannot be seeing you in my dreams and see you again when I walk in to my office”

Tunde could not believe what he had just heard! What he did in his foolish teenage years ,20 years before, had come to hunt him. He cried out, pleaded and almost had a fit in the MD’s office. Security officers came to escort him out of the building. Karma, indeed is a Bitch!

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Bo Adesoye is a Pharmacist turned Children’s Counselor and Educationist.

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