Rape Injustice: 5 boys drugged, and filmed her while they raped her, but she is now a fashion designer

5 boys drug and film 2 girls while raping them, but walk free

The boys might have gone scot-free, but their sad mark is slowly being erased, though it might take a while before she fully heals.

Earlier this month, Pulse reported the sad events that followed the five under-20 boys that drugged and filmed two under-20 girls while they raped them, before posting the viral raunchy sex video, “We have 7 bedrooms and One Parlor.”

A few days after the event, NewsRoom360 writer, Oge Nwaanyi Neni broke down the sad details of the entire event. As reported then, the boys still supposedly walk free without any action by Nigerian law enforcement agencies.


On October 10, 2018, as reported by Wuzup Nigeria, one of the girls, simply known as Ho Lar Sugar had her spirits lifted on her long way to recovery by a generous Facebook user, Bright Sylvanus. In the days following the event, Sylvanus, the Tush Records CEO, promised the girl a trip to Dubai.

However, probably due to the trauma, the girl has rejected a trip to Dubai and instead asked for sowing equipment, to pursue her passion of fashion designing. From where I stand, the girl has a good head on her shoulders, and she might have found her positive light in all the darkness, thanks to the big heart of Bright Sylvanus. He also paid her learning fee at her favoured place of learning.

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Upon visiting her to present the equipment and other things, Sylvanus posted some pictures of the young girl with her family and the following caption, HO LAR SUGAR IS NOW A FASHION DESIGNER. Who else remembers the young lady that was raped, you guys remember I promised her Dubai trip or another choice, but she said she don’t want to go to Dubai.


He continues, “Now so she made this choice which I have fulfilled my promise am not supposed to make this post but I made the promise openly that’s why am posting this openly. I told you all that she must change and I believe with God I serve she must change.

Our sister is now a fashion designer. We got her everything she needs for the work we paid her learning fee and we still blessed other two windows which I can’t post about them here. And thanks to my brother who supported me in a big way. May God bless you, bro. We did this together and I believe her dreams have come to pass. Thanks all for your love, her parents were so happy and they said that God will bless us all. Andasyn God will bless you bloood.” He concluded.


It feels good to hear that one of the girls has something to be happy about, but sadly, it might take a while before she fully heals. Arresting and punishing the actions of those stupid boys will however go some way in offering her closure. We also hope the second girl is fine.

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